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LAST CHANCE SALE: Take 40% OFF Purple Brand, Scotch & Soda, and Honor The Gift
LAST CHANCE SALE: Take 40% OFF Purple Brand, Scotch & Soda, and Honor The Gift

Valabasas "Beale Street" Tee

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Introducing our "BEALE STREET" Valabasas tee in vintage emerald blue - a tribute to the vibrant energy of Beale Street. This t-shirt showcases a captivating design with lightning bolts and running figures in the background, evoking a sense of dynamism and excitement. Inspired by the aesthetics of turquoise and blue hues, this tee exudes a wild and daring spirit, enhanced by bold stencil elements.

Key Features of the "BEALE STREET" Valabasas Tee:

  • Color: Vintage emerald blue, reminiscent of the rich hues of a lively night on Beale Street.
  • Lightning Bolts and Running Figures: The design features lightning bolts and running figures, adding a sense of energy and movement.
  • Turquoise and Blue Aesthetics: Draws inspiration from the captivating colors of turquoise and blue, creating a visually striking combination.
  • Wild and Daring Style: Embraces a wild and daring aesthetic, capturing the essence of adventure and exploration.
  • Bold Stencil Elements: Incorporates bold stencil elements, adding an edgy and urban touch to the design.
  • Long Distance and Deep Distance Influence: Infuses elements of long distance and deep distance aesthetics, creating a layered and dimensional look.
  • Milleniwave Vibes: Reflects the spirit of milleniwave, a style that embraces innovation and futuristic elements.
  • Tagging and Marking Style: The tee showcases tagging and marking-inspired details, capturing the urban essence of street art.
  • Detailed Design: Meticulous attention to detail ensures a visually captivating and intricate graphic.
Color: Vintage Emerald Blue